2017 Marlette "Patriot" 3 Bdr / 2 Bath 1,475 sq. ft.

This home is a seriously great value.  It is built by Marlette which is a Clayton Homes company.  Clayton Homes, being the largest builder in the country, knows what they are doing and is shows with this home.  It is priced approximately $12,000 less than it would normally be.  This is because it is a "Package Home".  This means that instead of page after page of options, the factory decides on which options or upgrades will be included.  However there are still a handfull of available options and have included almost all of them :) 

These include: Insulation upgrade Top & Bottom, Gas Furnace IPO (In Place of) Standard Electric, Roof Load upgrade, Gas Range IPO (In Place of) Standard Electric, Gas Water Heater IPO (In Place of) Standard Electric, Upgraded Heat Ducts, Additional Floor Joists & Central Air Ready

Standard Features include Full Finished Drywall, Granite Kitchen Island Countertop, Ceramic Shower and on and on...

Value Priced at $79,950 (price to re-order the same home is now $86,885!)

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